Our Mission

Ex Gratia Brewing Company is common people brewing uncommonly good beer for the common good.


Our Vision

We are a group of common folks and who share love for our community and love for great quality craft beer. We exist as an organization for community development by providing vocational training and guidance to the unskilled, under-employed, and high-risk population through the creation of the economic engine of our craft brewery. The income generated from this brewery creates the ongoing economic stability for and the facility to house community development programming and programing for at-risk youth. 


Our Four Objectives

  1. Scaleable Production Craft Brewery: Build a scalable production size brewery as an economic engine to produce steady revenue from multiple revenue streams (craft beer, food, merchandise , space use for events, etc.) to establish an ongoing and nimble charitable mission of building stronger communities. 
  2. Hiring & Apprenticeships: Work to lift people out of poverty by providing full time employment opportunities and/or apprenticeships and internships in the food and beverage industry for the under-employed, unemployed, people with intellectual disabilities or impairments - such as Downs Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, and PTSD.
  3. Community Development: Make a positive impact in our community by building relationships with charities and other non-profit organizations that serve our key demographics of children, youth, and unskilled and underemployed. Our goal is to provide economic resources, facilities, and programming geared toward the immediate area around our facility in collaboration with these other organizations - e.g. hosting free medical clinics, health screenings, counseling, and programming like english as a second language classes. Additionally, we are currently working to collaborate with the local public school district about the possibility of running an after school program for at-risk youth that would focus on academic support and a safe place for kids to be kids. 
  4. Community on Mission: Connecting the customer to the wider community by educating them about the ongoing needs of our community and developing a network for volunteerism and direct donations for specific needs (e.g. food, clothes, etc.).

We brew LifeChanging beer that makes positive and real change in peoples lives
— Seth Gibson, Founder