Ex Gratia Brewing Company

Our objectives as the first and only non-profit brewing company in South Carolina

Ex Gratia Commercal Operations

We exist to be a charitable organization that uses our commercial operations in the food and beverage industry: brewing beer, the sale of food and beverage in our tasting room, our merchandising, and outside sales, as an economic engine that sustains our mission to serve those in need in our community though our hiring practices, vocational training and, community development center.

The commercial side of our operation not only produces income for our community development center, it also creates unique opportunities for us to train, employ, and deploy high risk and underserved people into the workforce with job skills and training that help them improve their own capability and capacity to be gainfully employed in the growing food and beverage industry. 

Ex Gratia Community Development Center 

We exist to be a charitable organization that works with leaders in our area to help fund, host, or house community development programing. Our goal is to work within the neighborhoods, local school districts, and the community around our location to develop programs and services that meet the real needs of those living around us.

Currently, we are working on developing relationships with other organizations to provide access to health screenings, dental services, english as a second language classes, parenting courses, vocational training for the food and beverage industry, and using our space for community groups to meet.

We are also considering using some of the capital from our commercial operations and community grants to develop a safe place for the underserved and at-risk youth in our community to grow, play, and learn.

Ex Gratia Community on Mission

We exist to be a charitable organization that develops relationships with customers and the public by intentionally being a hub for volunteerism and information about community needs. This relationship taps into the very essence of the craft beer movement, the idea of strangers and friends gathering around good food, good beer, and good fellowship for the greater good.